Learn Thai Videos

3 Styles of Thai Dancing (at the same time) ͧкѴ

This is a demonstration of the Thai drum dance, the sword dance, and the butterfly dance.

Key highlights:
The drum dance just looks cool. Watch the guy kick, head butt, spin, and do lots of different ways to hit the drum. He hits the drum so hard it requires two people behind it to hold it in place, me being one of them.

The sword dance is neat. At one point in the video you will see about 10 swords in the guys mouth as he dances. His name is Paw Naan and he adopted me as his grandson. He is the leader and teacher of the group.

The last dance is the butterfly dance. Baifern said she started dancing about two years ago and still really likes it.

They each taught me the basics of all the dances - its a lot of fun!