Thai Recipes

Thai Tea ชาเย็น

About the Recipe
This is our first in a series of videos on how you can make Thai food at home. Many folks around the world enjoy Thai food and with our videos you can learn simple recipes and meals you can make at home that are 100% Thai!

Whether you like Thai food that is mild and tasty or wild and spicy everyone loves a glass of ice cold Thai Tea to compliment their meal.

Our first video shows you how you can make Thai Tea at home to enjoy anytime so sit back as we have some fun and show you how it's done.

    Ingredients (for 4 servings)
    6 cups water
    1 cup Thai tea (cha Thai)
    1 cup sugar
    1 can evaporated milk, or half & half

    fill pitcher full of water
    boil water, medium high (350F)
    add tea leaves to boiling water
    stir for 15 minutes
    turn heat off, let sit for 10 minutes
    strain tea with sock and/or strainer
    add two cups of sugar, stir
    let cool, place in fridge until cold
    poor tea into glasses
    add half & half, as in video
    serve, then stir!